why do i love mondays?

well, since you asked, i’ll tell you 🙂  i love mondays (right now) for a couple of reasons:

1. i don’t have class until 3:30, which means that i get to take it slow on monday mornings.  i get to watch regis and kelly with laura while i eat breakfast and drink my coffee.  i have time to finish any reading that i didn’t get to finish for my class. aaaaaand…

2. i get to have monday dates with my brother 🙂  evan is on campus all day because of his class schedule, and instead of going back to his apartment during his break, he stays to hang out with me 🙂  i leave my apartment early so that i can meet him, and it’s usually one of the highlights to my week.  last week, our date got cancelled by the flood, so this week it was EXTRA awesome 🙂  i love my brother (in case you didn’t notice), so getting to hang out with him is always fun 🙂

currently watching: (believe it or not) lizzie mcguire.

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