far up in the hills of georgia.


i have to say that i can’t wait for mountain day this weekend.  the actual mountain day is on saturday, but i’m excited about spending the whole weekend with the people that i call family 🙂  a lot of people don’t really get the friendship that we all have, but we are more like family than just friends.  these are people that i know i can count on for anything.  if i needed them, they would be there even before i finished my sentence.  we spent years together laughing, crying, learning and loving, and i wouldn’t trade my time at berry for anything in the world.  i know i’ve said it before, and as cheesy as it sounds, i found myself there.  i became who i am because of the time that i spent at berry.  i also found people who would love me for who i am, and i am grateful beyond words.

okay, enough of that 🙂  about mountain day: this tradition is AWESOME.  we all gather on a big mountain for a picnic (ours is always the best!!), and at 1:00, the grand march starts 🙂  it’s a totally bizarre tradition, and i love it.  students walk up and down this hill holding hands, then once they’re at the bottom, we all sing the alma mater (loooooove it!!), the soccer team does this funny chant and someone sings happy birthday to martha (that’s the weirdest part.  i actually don’t even remember this happening when i was a student, but i noticed it last year).  i just love it.  berry is so deeply-rooted in tradition, and i love that this is one that we all still celebrate and love 🙂

i’m also excited because i’m going up early tomorrow, and trace and i are going to stop by the COM building 🙂  i can’t wait to see all of my professors!!

currently watching: it’s 1:30ish…what do you think?  days of our lives 🙂

p.s. you can look here for some more about mountain day and some pictures from last year


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