mountain dayyyyyy 09 :)

i think it’s going to be weird to say “blah blah blah 10!”  just a thought for next year…ha 🙂

sooooo, last weekend, i made the journey to rome for mountain day.  i know that i just talked about how much i love it, so i’ll just give you some pictures 🙂


the girls 🙂


all of us 🙂

silly friends 🙂


trace & me…and joe sorta creepin’ in the background…ha.

the four of us 🙂

bek & me

the kases 🙂  i love that they always let me stay with them 🙂

leanna & me 🙂

i guess that’s probably enough photos for now…haha 🙂  i just love mountain day…and my friends 🙂  how lame and repetitive do i sound now?  whatevs.  i do.

currently watching: fresh prince.

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One response to “mountain dayyyyyy 09 :)

  1. trace kase

    put all of the pictures on facebook!!!

    loves it.

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