so, i don’t normally dress up for halloween…in fact, halloween is possibly one of my least favorite holidays ever…i think it probably has something to do with my intense fear of people in masks & full costume.  like mascots.  or the people who dress up as bugs bunny at six flags…and the chick-fil-a cow.  i just HATE them.  i don’t want them anywhere near me.  and i especially don’t want them to touch me.  all that being said, i’m sort of excited about it this year.  a friend of mine is having what i’m sure will be a killer party, and i think i have a good idea for a costume.  i had a really awesome one, buuuuuut due to…uh…limitations, i probably can’t do that.  i don’t have enough friends!  dang.  haha.  oh well, my back up costume is pretty funny too…well, hopefully 🙂

currently watching: gilmore girls 🙂


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