busy busy busy.

although being too busy really stresses me out, i like having things to do.  i don’t really know if that makes much sense, so let me try to explain.  when i feel like i really need to be productive and on top of things (no jokes please), i am usually more productive.  well, now that i say it, it sounds like common sense.  what i’m trying to say is that when i feel like i have a lot of time to do stuff and i don’t really have to worry about running out of time, i usually do run out of time.  last week and this week have been a little busy, and i’ve been making daily to-do lists instead of my usual weekly ones…and i love it 🙂  i love to-do lists, and sometimes when i do something, i’ll write it down just to mark it off 🙂  haha…don’t hate.  i just like being organized and i think that t0-do lists are an extension of that 🙂

currently watching: regis & kelly

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