fun fact friiiiiiiiiday!

today’s fun fact is: i love clean sheets.  LOVE them.  i just think that they feel so crisp and perfect and unwrinkled.  ahhhhhh.  i love it.  also, i make my bed almost everyday basically just so they feel a little bit more clean than if they were all wrinkled up.  plus, i just like having my bed made.  probably because i like having a clean room 🙂  and by like, i mean it drives me absolutely up the wall when my room is cluttered.  i just like it to be clean.  there’s a bunch of facts for you 🙂  aaaaaaaand i feel like this post makes me sound like a clean freak…well.  i sort of am, i guess.  i think that it’s actually gotten worse as i’ve gotten older.  eh.  at least i’m not a dirty freak.  baaaaaaaahahahahaha…man.  that joke caught me off guard.  love it.

currently watching: new in town…this better be good 🙂

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