halloweenie :)

so, like i’ve previously stated, halloween isn’t typically my favorite “holiday.”  also, i really can’t remember the last time i actually dressed up…maybe high school?  oh, no.  freshman year at berry…i “dressed up” as an army girl to give candy to the kids that trick-or-treated through my dorm.  anyway, this year, i decided to be…octomom!  even now when i think about her, i just can’t help but think of how psychotic she is.  anyway, it was pretty hilarious, and completely terrifying to me.  haha 🙂  i went with nathan and hannah to a friend’s party and had a total blast 🙂  here are some pictures…


me as the crazy lady with hannah as claire.

hannah & nathan

hannah & nathan as claire & charlie from LOST 🙂

it was so much fun, but i have to admit that i didn’t keep those babies strapped to me all night.  also, i had to lose the wig after about 15 minutes…it was just grossing me out…and i wasn’t really into the wax lips either.  haha 🙂

currently watching: game 4 of the world series.  go phillies!!

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