those of you that follow me on twitter (so probably all of you) may already know my obsession with america’s funniest home videos.  i just love it.  it always makes me laugh out loud.  i love when people fall.  i love when people get scared.  i love when people pass out at weddings.  i love when animals do funny things.  i love when people trip.  i love when people try to look cool and then look like idiots.  i love it.  haha 🙂  is that bad?  whatever.  i don’t care if you think it is – those people send in the videos, so they obviously don’t mind 🙂  side note: it’s sort of a life goal of mine to get a video on there 🙂  haha.

currently watching: afv.  duh.


Filed under just for funsies :)

2 responses to “afv.

  1. ahem. you know my feelings on afv.

    i cringe every time i see those 4-wheelers wreck, the dad get hit in the nuts and the big lady fall, revealing everything we do not want to see.

    i’m just sayin’ 🙂

    • amandafrisbee

      i knew you’d be the first to respond to this…i almost wrote something about your hatred of afv in my post, but i just wanted to keep it positive 🙂 haha 🙂 even if you don’t appreciate it, i still love you 🙂

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