fun(ny) fact friday!!

sooooo technically it’s friday, and i just know that i’ll forget to do it tomorrow…haha 🙂

anyway, this week’s fun(ny) fact is that earlier today, i was making myself a pb&j, and i thought, “i’ll write about how i always put the pb on one side and the j on the other and about how i always eat them with the pb on the bottom and the j on top…” then i remembered that i already wrote about that.  then a little piece of me wanted to do it anyway just so all of you would question whether or not you were a little crazy and having deja vu for a minute, buuuuuuuuut i decided to spare you.    also i have a funny feeling that tiffany would look back through all of my fun facts and tell me what day i posted it on 🙂

currently watching: project runway.


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2 responses to “fun(ny) fact friday!!

  1. I eat my pb&j the same way 🙂

    Did I leave that exact same comment on the last one?

    • amandafrisbee

      haha…i don’t think that you said that last time…maybe i’ll go back and check 🙂 i really, truly feel like that’s the only way to eat a pb&j. mmmmmmm.

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