fun fact friday!

okay, today’s fun fact is…i have this problem that when things are really popular…like freakishly popular (a.k.a. twilight, blue like jazz, etc.) i tend to not read/watch them.  i never read blue like jazz, because it was such a fad at berry.  i’m absolutely not into twilight partially because i think robert pattinson is disgusting (and kristen stewart for that matter), but also because it’s just way to fad-y for me.  “everybody’s doing it…”  well, i’m not.  i am, however, about to read blue like jazz for the first time, and i’m pretty excited about it 🙂  i probably won’t ever get into twilight, but like with blue like jazz, when the fad dies down, i’ll give whatever it is a try.  i just don’t want to do something just because it’s popular.

currently watching: gilmore girls…it’s the “you jump, i jump jack” episode, which is one of my favorites 🙂

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  1. nicoley

    i’m thankful we share this same philosophy. i didn’t read blue like jazz until a few months ago. and i refuse to jump on the twilight bandwagon. mostly, due to the craze everyone gets when they have anything to do with it…you know, the “i LOVE edward.” ya da ya da ya da….love you friend. i will see you next week. guarantee it.

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