adam lambert.

i don’t even really know what words to use.  i’m really disappointed in the way that adam chose to “express” himself at the american music awards.  i was a fan of him during the idol days, and to be honest, although i don’t personally agree with homosexuality, i’m not going to judge anyone based on that.  the problem with his performance at the AMAs is that it was trashy.  tasteless.  disgusting.  overly sexual.  i don’t know.  it’s not that i’m completely shocked, because as a whole, let’s be real, sex sells.  i guess i’m just shocked at how s&m the whole thing was.  it was just too over the top…and i was grimacing the whole time…not only at the…uh…motions, but also at the painful singing.  i was not impressed at all with his vocals, which is something that always wowed everyone when he was on idol.

all tastelessness aside, people (well, most people) don’t want to see what is basically soft-core porn in my opinion.  do whatever you want in your spare time, but on a network broadcast during primetime, that’s not something you do.  it wouldn’t be such a big deal to me if his “freedom of expression and artistic integrity” happened on a cable channel, but not only was he blowing up his career, but he was doing it at the expense of ABC.  it’s like the whole janet jackson/justin timberlake thing…the reason why every network television live broadcast has time delay.

did he even think about all of the people that have supported him?  all of the kids and their parents who voted for him on american idol and basically made him famous?  i feel like he just used and abused his celebrity status as a way to get his point of view across.  i guess it’s been done before, but i was still surprised.  i had a lot of respect for him when he was on american idol because he didn’t use it as a platform to fight for “equal rights.”  he didn’t make a big deal about how he was gay.  now this?  i don’t know.  i just feel like he went too far.  he just completely slapped so many people in the face.  i seriously doubt that there is anyone left “on the fence” about how they feel about him now.  he completely polarized anyone who saw the performance, and he’s going to have a hard time putting that back together if he ever wants to.

i think that in the end, that performance is going to hurt adam a lot more than it’s going to help him.  sure, any publicity is good publicity (at least according to speidi), and he definitely got people talking, but it was just too extreme.  whatever.  i’m just sad.

you can watch the video here if you want to, but i wouldn’t blame you if you just wanted to skip out.  it’s gross.


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3 responses to “adam lambert.

  1. nicoley

    i could not agree with you more dear friend. well said. i love yoooou!!!

  2. I just watched it (from your link) for the first time. I had heard it was bad. I think the singing was worse than the performance. The performance didn’t surprise me, but his voice was awful!

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