aaaaaaand one more thing…

sorry about the ridiculously long post about adam lambert, but i do have one more thing to say about it.  in response to his claiming that there’s this big double standard and that madonna has been doing that on stage for 20 years, i would just like to say that yes.  madonna has been doing that on stage AT HER CONCERTS.  where people pay to see it. britney spears does crap like that AT HER CONCERTS.  not on a live broadcast.  that’s the difference.  fans pay to see britney and madonna and know exactly what they’re going in to see.  AMA viewers did not know exactly what they were going to be seeing.

as to the double standard thing, i don’t really agree with that.  it totally grossed me out when madonna and britney kissed, and it’s not adam’s “crotch grabbing” that everyone’s so mad about.  i’m pretty sure that if that was the only thing he’d done, it wouldn’t be such a big deal.  i guess that’s really all.

currently watching: food network.  loooooove it.


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