it’s the end of the semester as we know it.

okay, that title was totally lame, but it was the first thing that popped into my head…haha 🙂  i have a love/hate relationship with the end of the semester.  i love it because…well…it’s the end 🙂  all i have between me and Christmas break is a presentation, a paper and a final.  and that’s where the hate comes in.  i’m pretty much done with the presentation, but i still have to write the paper…i hate having so much to do at one time, but this semester really hasn’t been that bad.  i had a paper due last week, so i have until thursday at 9:30 to focus solely on my other paper.  this semester shouldn’t be that bad, but i still hate finding the motivation to do it when i’m really just stoked about Christmas.  this time next week, though, all i’ll have left is a final, and i’ll be feeling good 🙂

currently watching: a cinderella story.  i love this movie no matter how lame it is 🙂

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