so this morning, i was driving back to my apartment, and an *nsync Christmas song came on, which just reminded me of what i remember as a hilarious moment: the day that i told rebekah that lance bass is gay.  oh my gosh.  it was so funny…actually i just laughed out loud a little.  i thought she was going to cry.  because lance was the “good boy” of *nsync, naturally rebekah (pk) was just in love with him.  what’s even funnier is that the news had come out (pardon the pun) like two months before i even told bek.  she was so devastated, and i just couldn’t stop laughing.  i don’t know why i wanted to share that, but that’s what i was thinking about this morning when lance & co. were singing about baby Jesus.

currently watching: rachael ray…and thinking about how i need to practice for my presentation an hour from now.

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  1. bekahlynn

    oh, how i wish this were not true. both my ignorance and the fact that he is gay. he was oh so cute when i was 13 and silly.

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