fun fact friiiiiiiiiiday!

so today’s fun fact isn’t really something quirky, but something that i did and i’m proud of and i want to share.  [nerd alert] the fun fact is: i watched all of the Lord of the Rings films in one day.  all 9.5 hours worth.  it was awesome.  i have to say that loving LOTR is probably one of the nerdiest things about me, and i love it.  the day The Return of the King came out was during finals when i was in high school, so a group of friends and i left early and saw the first showing of the day 🙂  and it was AWESOME.  also, i wore a shirt that said “i like hobbits” and a button that said “frodo lives,” both of which i still have…and would wear proudly.  just throwing that out there.  i really really love LOTR, and i think that gandalf is awesome.

currently watching: regis & kelly 🙂


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