passion 2010.

i wasn’t even planning on going to passion because of a plethora of excuses, but i can’t imagine missing it.  it was absolutely life-changing.  i don’t even care if that sounds lame or cheesy because it’s the truth.  God has definitely blessed the passion team, all of the worship leaders and all of the speakers that were there over the last several days.  over the next few days, i’m thinking about just writing about some of the highlights…i don’t think that i could talk about them all in one post!  i just wanted to let you all know that passion 2010 was amazing.  i’m praying that i continue to live out the things that i learned while i was there.


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  1. Glad you had a good time!

    I know you’re on your twitter break…but thank you for not tweeting quotes from the event nonstop. :] I’ll enjoy reading your takeaways on your blog much more. You know what I mean. :]

    Speaking of twitter, it misses you!

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