digital cleanse.

since january 1, i’ve been on a “digital cleanse.”  it was all john mayer’s idea, and i decided to tag along.  basically, i’ve only been using my phone as a phone.  no texting, no echofon, no words with friends, only talking.  as a result of that, my battery lasted four days.  FOUR DAYS.  it was awesome.  also, i’ve just been completely off of twitter since then, and i’ve been off of facebook.  this whole thing has been pretty refreshing in my opinion.  the most annoying thing has been the no texting.  since when did texting become so essential?  anyway, it’s been pretty nice.  i’m not saying that i’m not looking forward to texting and twitter again, but i’ve been enjoying this 🙂

here are some things that i wanted to tweet last week:
– that was possibly the best new year’s eve ever.
– soooooo, i decided that i have to go to passion…now i just need to get a ticket.
– amazing.  just found and contacted someone who has extra tickets for only $100.  praise the LORD.
– whoa.  this place is packed.
– why is it so coooooooooold?!
– what’s my favorite color? striped orange!
– louie giglio is probably my favorite speaker.  i love that he’s my pastor.
– i really want to hug beth moore.
– it should be warm inside taco mac, right?  wrong.  i’m eating with my coat and scarf on…and still shivering.
– getting less than eight hours of sleep = almost falling asleep while i was praying.
– francis chan.  wow.
– i love my family group 🙂
– it annoys me that people give andy stanley a hard time for talking about character and leadership so much. it’s important.
– oh my gosh. i just watched one guy trip over another guy’s feet and totally eat it. sometimes i feel guilty about laughing when people fall.
– so excited about hillsong tonight!!!!
– i don’t even know what to say about john piper.  we’re here for God’s glory.  that’s it.
– “God is the only being in the universe whose self-exaltation is a completely selfless action.”
– hillsong.  now.
– being so silly on this late drive home with @hannahwatts, @laura_moore and @jessiannlaney.
– completely blown away by the giving of all of the students here.  do something now.
– complete exhaustion, but totally worth it.
– sadly, passion 2010 is over.  it’s been so amazing.
– somehow, it’s 5:00 and i haven’t eaten since breakfast.
– from exhaustion, to…exhaustion.  mart starts on thursday.
– awesome.  snow and black ice are predicted for the days we’ll be driving down to atl and back.
– just found out that i’ll be reading the giver and to kill a mockingbird for a class next semester. i’m freakin’ stoked!!
– excited about spending some time with the britt family 🙂  missing @rebekahroo, though.
– so. tired.  and it’s only day one.
– roll tide!  (it’s so hard for me not to tweet right now!!)

well, there you go.  those are just a few of the gems that you’ve all been missing since i’ve been on my digital cleanse 🙂  but don’t worry, i’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

also, i’d just like to confess that i have sent a couple of text messages.  it wasn’t my primary form of communication, though, which i think is the point of the digital cleanse 🙂

currently listening to: a spiel about some tea towels and pillows 🙂


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