ice ice baby.

okay.  really?

here are some reasons why i love the south (que dixie): sweet tea.  it’s warm.  southern hospitality.  warmth.  gone with the wind.  mild winters.  chick-fil-a.  IT’S WARM.

okay.  i think you get the point.  and what did you not see on the list?  you did not see the word ice.  because if we’re being honest, it sucks.  being stuck due to the fact that there’s so much ice on the road we can’t make it out of the neighborhood is annoying.  oh, and one more thing, if i hear one more midwesterner or yankee say, “oh, this is nothing!”  i’m going to slap them.  it might not be anything to you, but down here, we’re just not prepared for 12 degrees.  and we have hills. so there.

well, now that i got that out, i guess i’m going to go back to totaling orders to see how well we really did yesterday at good ole taylor & coultas 🙂

currently watching: channel 2 action news.  oh, and that’s another thing i love about atl – we have the best local news.  woop woop!

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One response to “ice ice baby.

  1. Leanna

    i TOTALLY and 100% wholeheartedly agree! i could never live in the north. boo!

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