fun fact friday!

i thought i’d bring this back…well, i sort of just forgot 🙂

anyway, today’s fun fact is this:  much like buddy the elf, i have trouble committing to which escalator step i want to get on.  i know that’s so weird, but it’s really only when i’m going down…it’s just so much pressure – what if i step on one too soon and fall down?  what if i wait to long and back up the escalator line?  so much pressure.  haha…these are the confessions of a paranoid obsessive-compulsive germaphobe.  i don’t really know what the germaphobia or the obsessive-compulsion had to do with anything, but that was just me being paranoid 🙂

currently listening to: leanna and bekah chit chatting 🙂

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One response to “fun fact friday!

  1. girl, you have GOT to see me go up and down an escalator. You will be beyond paranoid seeing it!! I’m not even kidding, it is CRAZY!

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