just a thought…

why are people so afraid of aging?  it’s so weird to me that we’re (and i use that term VERY loosely) obsessed with staying young.  there’s always a commercial on about some new anti-aging serum or some freakishly fast face lift that you can get over lunch.  it sort of drives me crazy.  i mean, it’s not like i want to be covered in wrinkles when i’m 25 (which is in a year and a half!!), but when i see older people, i think their wrinkles are beautiful.  they just tell part of their story.  i don’t know.  call me crazy, but i love wrinkles 🙂  i won’t really love all of the aches and pains that are sure to come with aging, but i don’t think i’ll really mind the visible signs of aging…they just add character 🙂

currently watching: friends.  gosh, i love this show.


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