70 degrees.

yesterday, it was almost 70 degrees, and this is what i was thinking: i want the weather to just go back and forth between 65 degrees and 85 degrees all year.  no 20 degrees.  no black ice.  just sunny.  like can’t-help-but-roll-your-window-down sunny.  and it can rain at night if it wants to.  actually, i would love for it to rain at night.  yep.  rain at night, sunny during the day.  i want to wear sandals all day every day.  and short sleeves…with a light jacket on some days (bahaha – april 25).  but seriously.  i can’t wait for spring.  and i’m talking about real spring, not this whole one good weekend, and it’s back down to the 40s thing.  spring is such a tease.

currently watching: gilmore girls.  i love this show.

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