summon the heroes.

nerd alert: that’s the name of a song composed by john williams (!!) that is often played during the olympics…along with his famous rendition of leo arnaud’s bugler’s dream.

i’m sorry, but i love the olympics.  i love the song.  a couple of years ago, when tracy and i (along with my brother, brian and joe) drove under the rings in atl, we sang/hummed the theme as loud as possible…while the boys cringed.  i don’t even care.  i love the summer and winter olympics.  i love watching the best of the best play, and most of the time (ahem, evgeni plushenko) show incredible sportsmanship.  i cry when people cry and cheer when they win.  I can’t help but cheer “go world!!”  as sad as i am that they’re almost over, i’m really looking forward to getting back to my normal sleep schedule.  and it’s only two years until the summer olympics – what what!!  and next time, i’ll be prepared and have an olympics ringtone.  and i can’t wait.

currently watching: uhh…really?  the olympics.  specifically, i’m watching the USA hockey team kick Finland’s butt!

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