do you ever have one of those moments where you stop for a minute and think, “what am i really doing?”  well, i had about a thousand of them last week.  what am i doing?  i am willingly pursuing a degree in which the only result is me waking up at the crack of dawn every weekday morning.  i am choosing to deal with bratty teenagers.  i am trying to see the silver lining and believe that somewhere deep inside high school students do care about reading and grammar.  why in the world would i subject myself to that?!  because i do believe that i can help kids love reading, and i can’t wait to do it.  and i really hope that sonny purdue will stop trying to screw up the public education system.  oh, and i’m also thinking about writing barack obama and asking him to repeal the no child left behind act because it’s a load of crap.  that’s just a personal soap box, and i’m now done.  back to the optimism:  i hope i can make a difference.  i hope i can help kids love reading.  i hope i’m that teacher that everyone wants to have.  i hope i’m that teacher that everyone is afraid to have.  i hope that students learn to be proud of their work in my class.  those may just seem like a bunch of ridiculous and idealistic hopes, but they’re all true.  those are my goals.  to be loved.  to be feared.  to be respected.  to be inspiring.  is that too much to ask?

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