workin’ for the weekend.

i feel like i’m always working for the weekend…well, i’m school working 🙂  i don’t really mind though, because the weekends make the work well worth it.

this past weekend, i went to rome and spent friday and saturday with two of my best friends, rebekah and matt 🙂  you can read bek’s post about her birthday weekend 🙂  i loved every minute of the weekend with them, especially mine and bek’s awesome shopping trip to the outlet mall.  on sunday, they went to church in the morning, and i sort of chilled out for a little while before heading to cheer on my best friend in starting his first home game for the rome braves…and they won!!  he didn’t get the win because they didn’t actually start winning until the sixth inning, but chris pitched pretty well for the first five scoreless innings 🙂  i’m so proud of him!!

the weekend before last, i went up to blue ridge with another of my best friends hannah and her bridesmaids for a weekend of fun 🙂  it was so perfect because we all got to relax and just enjoy the great weather.

this weekend, i’m heading back up to rome on friday night to watch chris pitch again, and then i’m second shooting with my dear friend nicole on saturday, so i think it’s going to be another great weekend 🙂

i love my friends.  my family.  my life.

currently watching: nothing.  surprisingly enough 🙂

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