this morning.

this morning, I had to get up early, get ready and then phone interview a friend of my mom’s whose parents are Indian, but she was born in Nairobi, then moved the the U.S.  🙂  she’s very cool 🙂  in all of this excitement, i managed to forget to eat breakfast, and in doing so, i must have somehow managed to forfeit my higher order thinking skills.  usually, in the morning, i get the coffee ready, then fix a bowl of cereal and turn the coffee pot on on my way back to my bedroom (i eat breakfast in my bed – don’t judge).  this morning, however, i got the coffee pot ready, fixed my cereal, then turned it on on my way back to my bedroom (here’s where it gets crazy).  while i was enjoying my special k red berries, i started hearing something weird.  i mean, the sound of a coffee pot is weird in and of itself, but this was like someone was pouring liquid on a hot plate…wait what?!  so i ran into the kitchen to see coffee pouring into nothing.  that’s right.  genius forgot to put the pot underneath to catch the coffee.  well, i quickly shoved some paper towels under there and then the pot – i really needed the caffeine, especially after that episode.  whew.

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