the end.

i can’t believe that LOST is over.  i mean, it’s over.  for good.  forever.  gone.

i feel very strange.  like someone died.

LOST changed television.  it was in a league of its own.  there was no other show to compare it to, but it has now set the standard by which other shows are measured.

if it had to end, though, i’m so SO glad that it ended like it did.  i couldn’t have wished for anything more out of the brilliant ending.  i laughed.  i cried (a lot).  i loved every minute of it.  i think someday, i’ll watch them all again from start to finish, but not right now.  i’m still processing 🙂  i don’t care how lame it sounds: i know that in a few months, i’ll start craving LOST.  it happens every year.  when that happens, i’ll start it over again 🙂  and i’m sure that i’ll love every minute of every episode again…and maybe even have a deeper understanding of some of the details that i may have missed or forgotten the first time around.

so long, LOST.  see you in another life, brother.

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  1. jnw

    i kinda almost cried reading this. so great to know i’m not alone. and that you understand me, as well.

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