this whole oil spill/leak/explosion thing is really concerning to me.  it’s been over a month, and it’s still going on.  BP is trying a new thing today that’s supposed to work, but we’ll see.  i hope it works.  it just blows my mind a little that something like this can still happen on such a large scale.  it makes me so sad to think about the long-term impact that this whole thing is going to have on our environment and our economy.  i wish i could go down and help clean up the birds 😦

also, BP said something earlier this week about how they’re all going to be just fine, so not to worry.  well, woop-dee-do.  i think it must have been someone on twitter who said that they felt like that was like someone running over your dog and saying, “hey, no big deal, my car’s going to be just fine.”


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