i can already tell that this is going to be one of those semesters.  one of those semesters where i never get enough sleep because i’m constantly trying to get all of my work done for one of my three four-hour classes.  it’s very unfortunate to me that this semester has to be during summer, but hey it’s only six weeks.  this will, without a doubt, be the most sleepless six weeks of summer ever.

consider this:  i usually make it a point to get (at least) eight hours of sleep every night, but tonight, i’m already an hour behind if i want to keep that up…i have to get up at 6:30.  gag me.  even saying that is churning things in my stomach.  i know, i know…if you have so much to do, then why are you blogging?  thanks for asking.  i’m blogging because sometimes, i write in my head, and i thought that it would be a good idea to take five minutes (or less – i’m trying to race myself!!) to get some stuff out there before i move on to my last assignment.

i would also like to confess that i spent nearly three hours with tracy today (two of them by the pool) instead of doing work then.  to that, i say that i would rather lose my sleep to keep my sanity!!  although sometimes, when i lose sleep, it’s like sanity gets lonely and decides to go along for the ride.  oops.  i guess we’ll see just how much more loopy i become over the next five-ish weeks.  lucky you!

for the record: i wrote this in three minutes.  booyah!!

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