i would like to start this post with a brief apology both for my absence and for the gloomy mood that seems to haven taken over my blog lately: i’m sorry.

so here’s something nice: this is my last week of summer classes, and i couldn’t be happier 🙂  i am so looking forward to my much-needed, month-long break from school.  i knew that this semester was going to be a bit of a challenge (24-hours of class per week – yikes!), but i didn’t realize how isolated i would feel.  as a pretty social person, the hardest part about the last five weeks has been that i’ve felt too busy to really spend quality time with the people i love.  even in blue ridge for the 4th, i was almost constantly working on homework.  i took a break every now and then, but it was still work that seemed to be in the front of my mind.  i’m actually feeling pretty good about it right now, though, because i really only have two major assignments left that i haven’t finished…both for my least favorite class.  i finished a major project yesterday that’s due on thursday, and it feels so good to have that crossed off (there i go again with my to-do list talk).  also, i’ll be posting that project momentarily 🙂  if only every project was as much fun as that one…oh well 🙂  back to the grindstone!

ps: one quick disclaimer, in 11 days, i feel like there may be one more saddish post, but i’m going to try my best to keep it light 🙂

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