middle school.

for the past several weeks, i’ve been student interning in a 7th grade language arts class.  as most of you know, i’m getting my masters in teaching secondary english (grades 6-12), so as a part of my program, i spend a semester in a middle school.  as some of you may also know, i was seriously dreading middle school.  no time during the application process or the first two semesters of the MAT program did it ever even cross my mind that i could possibly enjoy teaching middle school, so to say that i wasn’t all that thrilled about spending a semester with 11-13-year-olds is putting it mildly.  well, i just want to get this off my chest: i am in love with 7th grade.  although i am still excited for my high school placement in the spring, i’m loving every minute of my time in middle school.  12-year-olds are so funny, and there is still a part of them that just wants to be a kid and wants you to like them.  i don’t know.  i still think that i’ll like the content of high school classes better, but i’m just saying that if i get offered a middle school job next fall, i will totally take it…well, i think 🙂


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  1. I bet your middle school kids LOVE you!!

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