one day.

i felt like such a waste today.  a waste of space.  a waste of breath.  a waste of sound.

i felt so small trying to talk to a bunch of 15-year-olds who were more interested in their own conversations than mine.  like someone had stolen my voice.

this day was definitely unlike any other that i’ve experienced in the classroom.  i can’t stop thinking that some how, i’m a failure.  that maybe i can’t actually live this out.  that i can’t do it.

then, i remember what it feels like to see connection spark in a student’s eyes and to know that i helped them find it.  and i remember that everyone has bad days and that sometimes, 15-year-olds are just pains.  and i get an encouraging “…but you’re geed at it.  and you love it” from my best friend.  and i just breathe a sigh of relief because this day is almost over and a new dawn is already on its way.

it was just one day.  one class.  and there will be many more.


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