my weekend.

this weekend was great 🙂 on friday, i got to hang out with bekah, trace and leanna. we all just kind of hung around and helped bekah pack for romania, so it was nice.

saturday morning, there was a leadership summit for oak leaf, where michael told all the volunteers that he is hoping to buy a building for oak leaf. that is so exciting, because we wouldn’t be losing the feel of the movie theater in this new building 🙂 i love oak leaf. after the leadership summit, brian, tracy and i went to jittery joe’s to hang out before the georgia barbeque classic. although it was SO HOT, i really enjoyed the bbq classic. we just gave people free bottles of water and balloons and invited them to oak leaf. giving away water was such a great idea because it was ridiculously hot and i know people needed some h2o.

sunday, michael started the joshua series – “crossing over.” it was great. i mean it. i’ll probably get the podcast and listen to it again. makaila, tracy and i went to mcdonald’s afterward (nutritious, i know), and let me just say that double cheeseburgers are amazing. we saw nathan, hannah and jake and mcdonald’s too, so that was fun 🙂 nathan has the coolest sunglasses.

sunday night was totally bittersweet. i ate dinner with the britts + matt, which was really fun 🙂 we had some appetizers (which were so good) and then mr. britt grilled steaks. yum. the bitter part is that i had to tell bekah goodbye. even though i know it’s just a “see you later,” because she’ll be back in 10 weeks, i was not as strong as trace. i lost it. i mean i was sobbing. it was really bad, but i couldn’t even help it. i am truly going to miss her, and i know that there will be a million times over the summer when someone says of thinks, “i wish bekah was here.”

enough of that 🙂 some insurance guy is coming to look at my car and my dad’s truck because we got some hail damage, so unfortunately, i won’t be laying out by the pool today, but i will be doing that at some point this week 🙂

this post has been long enough. if you read it all, you rock 🙂

currently watching: regis & kelly. i love this show.


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